Partners’ To Do list

As part of the project, each partners would have to undertake a few tasks in order to ensure a large visibility to National Treasures.

As discussed and agreed during the start-up seminar in the UK, each partner needs to:

  • Create a space dedicated to National Treasures on their website (please send the link to Raphael).
  • Regularly produce and send news and pictures about your activities linked to the project, to Everything is Possible (EP). This information will be published on the NT website by EP.
  • Regularly promote your National Treasures activities (and if possible link to the website and – when possible – a specific NT article) on your own platform: newsletter, social media, website, events, media.
  • Send to Raphael a copy of (or link to) all those documents created to promote the project: newsletter, webpages, articles, radio/TV interview, etc.
  • Support the volunteers (hosted or sent) and any other professional undertaking a mobility, in their dissemination/visibility tasks. The sending organisation is responsible to ensure that the participants fulfil all the tasks they need to do. They need to send to Raphael, pictures and testimonies and some other information: click here for more information about those tasks COMING SOON. The hosting organisation needs to support participants to fulfil their dissemination tasks.


During the seminar each participants planned some specific tasks:


Everything is Possible:

  • Special webpage on our website,
  • Link from our homepage to this webpage,
  • Promo via our own e-newsletter,
  • Promo on Facebook,
  • Promo on Twitter (Hootsuite),
  • Promo in seminar, conference,
  • Promo in our future comms
    (printed ad online),
  • Media?
ACER Brasil:

  • Create webpage,
  • Link on homepage,
  • Facebook update,
  • E-newsletter,
  • Twitter

  • Space on their Erasmus+ webpage,
  • Socia media (Facebook mainly, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Enewsletter,
  • Film after YE,
  • Local media (local radio),
  • Volunteer meeting,
  • Multiplier event
Hope Learning Trust York:

  • Twitter update,
  • Webpage,
  • Assembly promote to wider school,
  • Local media,
  • Facebook live
Westside Circus:

  • Press release launch (link w stakeholders),
  • Webpage,
  • Link on website,
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn update,
  • 21st celebrations,
  • Participants to collect info,
  • Exhibition after Youth Exchange,
  • Use project as reference (network)


Here is the PowerPoint presented during the seminar:

Dissemination Guide

In order to help you fulfil those agreed actions, we produced a dissemination guide. This document gives you more information and tips. Please have a look at it (see below).

You can download it by clicking here.