Aboriginal experience and Circus Workshop – Third day

The Third day started with an Australian Welcome To Country ceremony, with the presence of some officials. This is the start of a Aboriginal experience. During the ceremony, participants received a leaf of eucalyptus.

They also participated in a traditional face painting with Uncle Traver Gallagher. We used Ocra to represent various ancient symbols.


This was followed by another workshop learning how to create bracelet using an Australian native plants also used to create baskets.

This workshop was followed by a tour around the Baredin park. Uncle Traver Gallagher took us through different aspects of Aboriginal traditions.


The tour finished with a very tasty barbecue prepared by the lovely Westside Circus team: They prepared some Kangaroos meat between other great dishes.


The belly full, participants headed to Westside Circus headquarter, where the Australians organised some workshops for the others. They got to learn about trampoline, hula hoop, trapeze and balance.


At the end of the day, participants enjoyed some free time. Some went to play waterpolo. The Brazilian group prepared a typical dish of their own country: . It took them 4 hours to prepare, but it was worth it! Delicious.

The end of the day finished with an evaluation meeting to see how everyone was feeling about the first days so far.